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Once a Witch - Carolyn MacCullough 4.5 StarsFor some reason I read this book reluctantly although it is a genre I usually enjoy. I actually read the first 15 pages and stopped reading it then picked it up about 5 months later. But I am so glad I did!I've never read anything by Carolyn Mac Cullough before but this was one of the easiest and enjoyable reads I have had in a long while. Due in part to the story line and characters but mostly due, I think to Mac Cullough writing. Im not sure how to describe this except to say that I have a feeling that if is this author and I were playing charades or 30 seconds we would be an awesome team. What I think Im trying to explain is that either A) I felt like the author and myself were on the same wavelength or B) The Author is very talented and writes relatable characters etc. Although I don't really feel like I can relate on a personal level to a talent less witch! (Friends and family please direct all email disagreeing with that statement to my gmail address) My only complaint about the book, which had so much going for it -"super powers," great characters and a fast paced story line was that I thought that the romance between Tamsin and Gabriel was a little under developed. But I am sure this will be rectified in the sequel.