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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
Dead on the Delta - Stacey Jay I read a lot. I’m not boasting when I say this because it is an unhealthy amount and no one thinks it cool. But the reason I am starting off with this statement is to put some weight behind my next one which is. This is the most unique urban fantasy/ paranormal novel that I have read in ages!I have to admit that when I first heard about this book I had my doubts. Mutated killer fairies are a little hard to take seriously. But the author does an amazing job of creating a complex and believable world for these critters to live in. The protagonist is a drunken, fowl mouthed, pill popping burn out, with far too much baggage to carry on just one bicycle, who you just can’t help but love. And the storyline is fresh and intriguing and leaves you panting for more. If like me you have become a little jaded and bored with this genre lately this is the book to get you out of that slump.