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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
A Lot like Love - Julie James 4.5 StarsI read a lot of romance but relatively little contemporary romance. There is a reason for this. Usually these books, instead of being contemporary seem as if they are some how set in the late 1980's - chauvinistic man, always draped in a few of the latest "super models" changes and finds true love when a feisty but beautiful girl makes him see the errors of his ways. Please picture him dressed in a white Don Johnson suit standing by a yellow Porche/Ferrari. Please picture her as the after picture from Pretty Woman and don't forget the big hair! Sorry I went off on a total tangent when all I really wanted to say was that I loved this book because It was genuinely contemporary. Which made the character so much more believable. The dialogue was witty and sexy and this was a great romantic read. I've never read anything by Julie James before but I definitely will again.