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Courtney Comes Clean :The High Life and Dark Depths of Music's Most Controversial Icon - Maer Roshan 3.5 STARSRate The Read: Any easy yet still quite thought-provoking readPlot in 2 sentences or less:Maer Roshan spent 8 months interviewing Courtney Love (lead singer of Hole, Widow to Kurt Cobain and Famous Drug addict) at a moment when she was (supposedly?) drug free. This is not so much a biography as a glimpse into Loves, intelligent, paranoid, and troubled mind.What's right with it:I love a good rock star biography and Courtney Love is certainly one of the most outrageous Stars I can think of. Although Love lives her life very publicly this book lifts the veil of her public persona to the person behind it. She is clearly very troubled and I am not just referring to her addictions. She is portrayed as an obviously intelligent women, but she has clearly got deep-seated psychological issue. Some of her thought processes would baffle most rational people. This whole portrayal can't help but make you think of the warped view-point of some addicts and the way they can rationalise their addictions.What's wrong with it:It is said that at some point the author and Love had a falling out and this does make me question the authors bias a little but to be honest this only added another layer to the book and made it all the more interesting.Favourite moment/quote: "I've never been good with numbers, but when I was on crack I could do math really, really well. I became a fucking whiz at calculus" (???)Who I recommend it to:Fans and Haters of Courtney LoveIf you like this you might like: Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway by Cherie Currie