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Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown Lies Beneath (Lies Beneath #1)by Anne Greenwood Brown6/10I have to admit that my few forays into "Mer" Literature have been disastrous. All the previous offerings have al beenl a bit too much little mermaid and lip gloss for my taste. A giggly 12 year old's "wet" dream, minus the crabs and the musical numbers.But I have always thought the subject matter had potential, if done properly. And just the title of this book was sinister enough to peak my interest.First off I would like to say how refreshing it is to read a YA Paranormal novel from a male point of view, they are so rare I can't think of another one off the top of my head, but there should be more!The premise of the book is great. Finally a mermaid myth that we can sink our teeth into. Beautiful, soul sucking killers! Take that Ariel!But there in lies the rub, because our hero is by extension a soul sucking killer. Sure he's trying hard to fight his nature etc. but he is also very stalker-ish so it kind of lack conviction.I also had a couple of issues with what I like to call continuity errors. Just little things like- if you are a Mermaid/man where do you keep your cell phone? (the character does have one) How did you learn to read? Or drive? etc.This is not a Great Mermaid book but it is certainly the best one I've ever read.I wonder if Mermaids are the next "big thing"?If so I'm not really convince because lets be totally honest here, do the words sexy and fish tale go together?Not really.