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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
Falling From Grace (Grace, #1) - S.L. Naeole I have to admit that I went into this book with a strong suspicion that it was going to be another Attempted Twilight Recreation (ATR) - You all know what I mean by this, the author changes a few things here and there e.g maybe the vampires are angels, maybe the clumsy girl is Korean. I'm not saying these authors are committing plagiarism but they are sticking to the formula a hoping to jump on the gravy train.At first I was actually pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the first few chapter (not overly much but more then I thought) but then the authors lack of finesse caught up with her and (although I do realise this is a paranormal novel) the book lost all believability or credibility. In short it was juvenile and for the most part unoriginal, had I not been reading it for a challenge I would have just put it down.