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Cinder - Marissa Meyer Here's the thing, I don't enjoy retelling/reworkings of fairy tales very much and robots kind of freak me out. I was given a book of modern fairy tales as a child where all the protagonists were animatronics. I had nightmares for weeks! And when I think cyborgs I don't think "futuristic Cinderella" I think holy crap! Skynet has taken over! Terminators are coming! Run for your life John Connor! RUN!!As you can tell with all these preconceived prejudices there was no real way I was going to genuinely enjoy this book and the only unbiased comment I can really make is that if you like retellings of fairy tales and have no great fear of artificial intelligence why not give it a try other (some would say more rational) people real seemed to enjoy it.If you have gotten this far and read all of the above ranting you might logically be asking yourself why I read this book in the first place, given my aforementioned issues. The answer is 2 fold.1. I had forgotten about the nightmares until I started reading this book but the premise was so similar (well sort of) that it all came rushing back.2. It was for a challenge and apparently I will do anything for a challenge including give myself PTSD!