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Shattered Souls - Mary Lindsey Shattered Souls -Not living up to its potential.This is a quick and easy read with some very original ideas. But as I mentioned this book seems to have so much potential that just never quite materialises. Lenzi/Rose comes across as self absorbed and whiny, while I can understand insecure and afraid these character traits don't make for an admirable heroine. Alden on the other hand is so secretive and closed off that you never really feel like you have any real insight into his character. The whole time I was reading I couldn't help thinking that had this book not been a YA novel but instead been aimed at a slightly older audience (hence having older more mature characters) a lot of the books flaws would have been solved. Lenzi/Rose would have had the emotional maturity to deal with her issue more directly and Alden would have come off as a brooding man which is much far more attractive than a sullen boy.As I've said I enjoyed this book, it was good. But I just kept thinking it could have been great. I wonder if this authors first passion is YA novels or if she chose the genre because she knows it sells?