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Sleight of Hand (Bite Back, #1) - Mark Henwick 2.5 StarsOne of the things I really love about urban fantasy is that this genre, above all other genres (in my opinion) is home to the Kick-Ass Heroine. And Mark Henwick has certainly created one in Amber Farrell. She knows how to handled herself in any situation (special forces training will do that for a girl) but she is still likable and feminine.“For Amber Farrell, post-military life as a PI has its ups and downs: She’s been hit by a truck. She’s being sued by a client. Denver’s newest drug lord just put out a contract on her. The sinister Athanate want her to come in for a friendly chat. And it’s only Tuesday.” ~ From the BlurbThat’s a lot right! Well I can assure you by Thursday there has been so many plots, subplots and character introductions that at a certain point I had to take a minute to just organize my head – who everyone was and what each one had been up to. Seriously someone died and I had to back track almost 9 chapters to figure out who he was. And I promise I don’t have ADD.Please don’t get me wrong I love an intricate, well thought out plot. But somehow the way in which it was written was more frustrating than intriguing. Just as I was getting into one element of the plot and mentally saying to myself, this is getting REALLY good – The author would run off on another tangent and the momentum would be lost.Another thing that seemed to suffer from the over population of plot and characters was the “love story.” I did genuinely like that Amber was not the kind of women who falls in love during the first three pages of the book and then spends the rests swooning. But the romance in this book did feel like a bit of an afterthought and worst still, I think I smell a love triangle in the near future!I am giving this book 2 and a half stars, one and half for its Bad-Ass Heroine and one for the plot which was good if not a little convoluted. But what I really want to know more about is what happened in that jungle!?