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Miranda Davis
Pure - Julianna Baggott 7/10Pure is set in a strange post apocalyptic world that at first feels very unrealistic but the more you read the more real the world becomes, and in turn the more disturbing the book becomes.In the world of Pure people are divided into two separate groups, those who survived the detenation in the Dome- the Pures. And those who were left outside the dome to fend for themselves when the detenation happened- the Wretches.The Pure live in the Dome and no one can get in and no one ever leaves. The dome is governed by strict rules and if they are broken the offender is dealt with swiftly. Genetic perfection is the ideal in the dome and people are being altered to reflect this.The wretches on the other hand live in terrible conditions and are afflicted with terrible side effects from the destination. They are “governed” by a brutal and blood thirsty “army,” the OSR, that brings out the worst in human nature.Partridge is the son of a Dome leader but he has too many questions, and the answers just aren’t adding up. Pressia is just trying to survive life outside the dome, find enough food and dodge the OSR. But when Partridge escapes the dome and the their paths cross everything changes…The author creates a very unique and believable world that is very intentionally, both creepy and disturbing. There is a strong thread of conspiracy theory running though this book that I really enjoyed.What I though made the characters really stand out from your average young adult characters was their wavering morality. I’m not sure that is exactly the right term, but while the characters struggle to do the right thing always seems real, they are sometimes less sucsessful than your average goody gum drops YA character.Lets just say this book has a little more grit than most, but is all the better for it.