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Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles This is the third book in the Perfect Chemistry series. The series follows the Fuentes Brothers who are heavily involved in a Latino gang but find love and escape their dangerous lifestyles. This book is about Luis the youngest brother who has spent most of his life living in Colorado, away from the influence of gangs and with a deep awareness of both his brother past mistakes. I wanted to like this book so much and in all honesty I have given books 2 stars that I have enjoyed reading far less but here is the thing....I might not read the most high brow books in the world but I am not stupid. I know when an author is just milking a cash cow and when she is writing something original and fresh. And I am sorry to say it but the money might be coming in but the milk has curdled.How many times can you regurgitate the same story, interchange first names and superficial subplots and expect people to eat it up? Judging from the ratings of this book and most people’s reviews the answer is apparently three. But I'm just not falling for it!I loved Perfect Chemistry and I liked the second book Rules of Attraction (I get it that the original recipe is a winning one) but I was expecting something different and new. Luis was supposed to be an intelligent, ambitious, academic guy. (But still sexy obviously) Who was raised with an understanding of his brothers' mistakes and a deep conviction to never make them himself. This is how he is portrayed in the other two books. And Nikki was supposed to be the "Sassy Latina Chica" who comes into his life and rocks his world. (I had high hopes.) Instead we get cocky gang member, with a heart of gold meets uptight rich girl with deep seated personal issues. (Again!)Sure Nikki is Mexican not white like all the other heroines but she has no awareness of her culture and can't even understand 2 words of Spanish. Seriously I'm a white girl who lives in Africa and the only Spanish I hear or read is in books like this or on T.V and I seem to have a better grasp of the language. I understand you don't have to go around dressed like "jenny from the block" singing a Selena tune (the original not Gomez) to be Mexican but come on a few key phrases! As for Luis he claims he wants to work for NASA but there are two huge problems with this plan. 1) I have never seen someone drop a lifelong dream with such little thought and 2) when you look at the decisions and choices he makes in this book, I am sure you will agree that he does not have the IQ for it.I enjoy Simone Elkeles writing but if there is a fourth book in this series I'm boycotting it!