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Ten - Gretchen McNeil If this book were a movie it would be Scream or I know what you did last summer. Both movies I would never choose to watch myself but luckily in book form the main characters and the mystery are highlighted and the genre is taken to another level.This book’s plot is very similar (ok basically the same) as the Agatha Christies mystery novel- And Then There Were None. (The movie version was called Ten Little Indians.) At no point in my copy of the book did McNeil say that this had been her inspiration, but I can only think that this was because her target audience would probably have never heard of it. It was however the reason I wanted to read the book. Ten teenagers are invited to a remote island for a weekend party and one by one they are being killed. Cut off from all hope of rescue they need to find out who the murderer is before all ten of them are dead…In all honesty some of the characters in this book were very obviously just “slasher bait.” They were unlikeable and stereotypical and obviously just pawns in the authors “count down” to the end. But the main characters Meg, T.J and Minnie were very interesting and I thought their tangled story added an interesting layer to a plot that could have become very one dimensional. This is obviously no Agatha Christie mystery (she is a master in the genre.) But it is a very good YA mystery/horror, although I must admit I found this book more creepy then genuinely scary. I think it helped that the actual murder scenes were not described in overly gruesome detail. I was uncertain what to expect from this book, although I am a huge Stephen King fan I have never read a YA horror (that I can think of.) But once I started reading this book it sucked me in and I didn’t put it down (not for one minute) until it was finished.