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Defiance - C.J. Redwine This book is set in a world where civilization has been destroyed by creatures that live beneath the earth’s surface that were awoken by people drilling for a new source of renewable fuel?? Once these creature were awake they were apparently really offended by all the noise being made on the earth’s surface they decided to exterminate everyone. 50 years later the remaining people on earth live in walled cities surrounded by wastelands, and the biggest change in society is that women are no longer independent but subservient and have to be constantly chaperoned by male protectors.So here is my problem. SERIOUSLY! Underground dwelling creatures with sensitive ears? Come on! If that is how civilization ends I hope I die in the first wave because what a lame way to go! And why would women need to be constantly chaperoned by men? The part of the book that I read never said what exactly they were being protected from, but surly (even if men are going to be really sexist) they have better thing to do(considering civilization is in ruins) than escort women everywhere they need to go.And if you were going to change society to deal with disgruntled creatures with sensitive ears, wouldn’t banning loud noises and making sure people only communicate in sign language make far more sense than oppressing women? This dystopia society really made no sense at all and Redwines world building was incredibly one dimensional at best. And her writing I SO melodramatic! Rachel the main character is the epitome of this over blown writing style. She is supposed to be a rebellious, independent bad ass but to me she just comes off as whiney, reckless and too stupid to know when to shut up.Maybe this book gets better and somehow becomes awesome but I was not willing to waste my time reading the rest of it on the off chance that it might improve.