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The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling I am sorry but I actually don’t understand why this book was written. It’s not interesting, it’s not entertaining nor is it provocative, original or even particularly insightful. So what is the point?Unlike most readers I have almost no preconceived expectations of J.K Rowling’s writing. I am not a Harry Potter fan. I read the first book in the series, realized I was an adult and that the books were obviously for children and never looked back. But I was very interested when this book was published because it gave me an opportunity to see what all the hype was about without having to regress to the mindset of a 12 year old.Having said that, I can only assume that the writing in The Casual Vacancy is a strong departure from that in the Harry Potter Series.Because it seems to me that the author that inspired an entire generation to pick up books and start reading is now trying to induce them into a catatonic state of boredom.This book is about the petty bureaucracy of a small country village in England and the mundane lives of the people who live there. The characters are almost entirely unlikeable while at the same time being as dull as dish water. This might have been acceptable to me had there been any real insight or growth made by these characters. But after 500 pages, a lot of waffle and very few plot points of any interest all we are left with are the same self centered grasping people. I find it hard to imagine who would be interested in reading this book but more importantly why the author was ever inspired to write it.