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Valkyrie Rising - Ingrid Paulson This is one of the YA book that I have been most looking forward to reading all year. The cover, the Norwegian setting and the idea of Valkyries just captured my imagination. Wow was I disappointed! I almost put it down about 6 times.The story is about Ellie, her brother Graham, and his best friend Tuck who are spending the summer with their grandmother in Norway. But strange things are happening in their quiet town and Ellie finds herself in the middle of it all.This book is SLOW! For 140 pages Ellie wonders around Hicks Ville Norway thinking to herself “hmm something strange is going on here…” but never really confronts anyone about it, avoids the subject when other people want to speak to her about it and fails to warn her brother when she know he is in danger. I don’t think I really need to add that she is not a likeable character! Then all of a sudden within the space of 2 pages BAM she realizes she is a Valkyrie, knows how to fight, has super powers and is ready to kick ass. There is no build up to this discovery or learning process. In an instant she just becomes a “super warrior” and is totally unfazed by it all. What made this development even more infuriating for me was that the plot was SO predictable, the only thing I had to look forward to, was how Ellie was going to be effect when she realized she was a Valkyrie. But it was just glossed over.The rest of the book is spent chasing around the other valkyries searching for Ellie’s brother. Unfortunately the author has done such a mediocre job at creating characters that I really didn’t care if they found the guy or not. To be honest I would have been more concerned if they had kidnapped a puppy. (And I’m not even a dog person.)There is the constant threat that Ellie is going to step up and kick someone’s ass but she never does. It’s all talk and no action. And that is not the only thing that fizzles. The romance between Ellie and Tuck just has no spark or tension. Tuck seems to be a better side-kick then a love interest.So to recap. The plot was thin and predictable the characters were unlikeable and one dimensional and nothing of interest ever really happens. I am trying to think some redeeming features and the only thing I can come up with is that there was no cliff hanger ending, so there might not be a sequel!