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Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park I just don't understand it! Sometime I feel like I have received a "bad copy" of a book. I see all my friends on goodreads have given a book a 4 or 5 star rating and I genuinely have to wonder what has gone wrong. Were we even reading the same book?! Flat-Out Love is a perfect example of this and I wish someone would explain to me why they liked it so much!For now all I can do is explain why I hated it.Julie the Main Character is a judgmental person who freely admits that she thinks people should change who they are so that other will like them more. She string along a perfectly nice guy for ages when she actual has no interest in him. And all the while this emotionally stunted girl has the nerve to think that she can use her freshman psychology cliff-notes to fix everyone around her. ICK!Almost every chapter of this book starts with a Facebook status update from the 3 main characters. These updates have no relevance to the story line and are not funny or even witty. So what is the point?Actually I think I know. Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of Facebook but we all have those "friends" who are constantly posting funny (in their mind) status updates, that are totally random. Well I thinks this author is that person and she has taken it to a whole other level!My next complaint is about the plot of the book. By about chapter 4 I knew exactly what was going to happen and didn't really feel very much need or enthusiasm to read any further. I actually don't mind a predictable plot, especially when it comes to love stories. But I do mind when the plot is supposed to be a big mystery and the secret is glaringly obvious! But most of all I think I could have overlooked the "not so twisted" twist in the tale if the rest of the story had been interesting, but really NOTHING EVER HAPPENED! There was no romance, there was no drama and there was certainly no excitement!If you can't trust the opinions of your friends on goodreads anymore. Then who can you trust?! lol