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Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole It is no secret that I LOVE Kresley Cole. I have at times considered tracking down her email address and flooding her inbox with requests to HURRY THE HELL UP AND WRITE FASTER!! So it goes without saying that I have been looking forward to reading this book for ages. Unfortunately that kind of anticipation is usually followed by at least some level of disappointment. But in the case of Shadow's Claim it actually exceeded my expectations. It is probably my favorite of all Kresley Cole's books (and I've read them all) and the most enjoyable book I have read all year.This book is romantic, sexy and at times made me laugh out loud. Really what more could you ask for?But a word of warning. Shadow's Claim is billed as the first book in a new series, and although it does introduce a lot for new characters it is basically just the latest installment in The Immortal After Dark Series. So if you haven't read those books you might feel a little lost in parts.But really I can't recommend this book or this author enough. If you like sexy alpha males, witty dialogue, heroines that have attitude and great paranormal story lines then this is where you need to be!