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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry Warning! This one’s a tear jerker! I tried to hold it back but by about two thirds of the way through I was worried my E-reader was going to get so wet I was going to electrocute myself!This book is about two teenagers whose lives (in very different ways) have been totally shattered. Both used to be popular and outgoing but for the last few years they have been living with their secrets, isolating themselves and untrusting of others. I LOVED Noah’s character. He is the perfect combination of tough on the outside but injured and vulnerable on the inside. It was his story that real effected me, his struggle to be an adult, to make mature decision while still dealing with the loss of his childhood and essentially his innocence. He is a flawed character but I loved that he was noble at heart and is willing to risk everything to protect the people he loves.Echo’s story was a little more mysterious but no less heart breaking. Sometimes her people pleasing did annoy me but I do recognize it as a part of her growth as a character.What I really liked about this book was that although it is a love story, Noah and Echo have to struggle and work on solving their own individual issues. Yes being with each other makes them stronger and better people but just the act of falling in love doesn’t solve all of their problems.