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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Here's the truth, I missed the hype. I downloaded the book, forgot all about it, then started reading it having no idea what it was about, it was just conveniently on my ereader.Honestly I almost put the book down after the first few chapters thinking it was going to be Twilight for "older girl." It had all the makings of it- a mysterious and indescribably gorgeous man is unwillingly attracted to a clumsy, bookish girl... But imagine my surprise when "Edward" turns out to be a sexual deviant and suddenly things get interesting!I think this book has gotten a lot more attention then your average erotic novel and because of this has been read by a much wider audience. This has lead to some interesting reviews. All I have to say is, complaining about how women are being represented/treat in erotica, especially BDSM based erotica is a little like complaining that ice cream is cold. I like erotica, if I didn't I wouldn't have downloaded the book in the first place. So my advice is that no matter how big the hype gets, if erotica is not your thing don't read it. And if this is your first run at erotica, don't take it so seriously. It's supposed to be fun :)I do however have some complaints about the writing. The biggest of which is that the main character Ana goes on and on incessantly about her, subconscious, her psyche and her inner goddess. The second is that the characters often sound very British, even though the book is set in Seattle. It annoyed me so much I eventually went back to the tittle page and checked and the author is actually British, so i have no idea why she didn't just set the book there??This book did have flaws and don't think it would by any stretch of the imagination satisfy fans of True BDSM erotica but all in all I really enjoyed it.