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The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken 4.5 STARSSix years ago all the children in America started getting sick and dying. But that wasn't the worst part, the worst part is that the few children that survived were left with strange and unexplained abilities. Out of fear and ignorance the government sent them away to concentration camps where they are tested, locked away or worse...Ruby is one of these children, hiding her true self inside a camp of 3000 other "freaks." In constant fear for her life and for those around her. But when Ruby gets the opportunity to escape she finds that the world outside is far more complicated then she thought and her abilities are more terrifying then even she realized.This book is by far one of the most interesting and unusual books that I have read in 2012. And it is so refreshing to read a book with a paranormal element that has a different perspective. I also enjoyed that the book doesn't sugar coat things. Young children are dying or being rounded up, handed over by their parents and imprisoned and even killed. This is not glossed over and the story is not assured of a happy ending. But at the same time The Darkest Minds is not overly gruesome or depressing.Their is a great story line, a lot of intrigue and some really awesome characters. As well a lot of action and drama. Although I must admit I liked the secondary characters a little more then I liked the main ones.The only thing that stopped me from giving this book a full 5 stars is that I thought it was a little lacking in emotion. There were moment in the book that were so sad, that I kept thinking to myself that I should be crying. But for some reason the way it was written just didn't capture it. But all in all this is a great read that I can't imagine any YA fan not enjoying.