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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
Babe in Boyland - Jody Gehrman I read this book because I thought it would be light and fun but what it made me realize is that there are certain books in within the Young Adult genre that really should be left to the genuinely young and not so adult. This book was just so twee! Not to be confused with tween. Although that works too. I wanted (so badly) to bitch slap the main characters for being such dense, one dimensional, unoriginal morons!As I said I am not exactly the target demographic that this book was aimed at but I do remember being 15. But I don't remember is being that naive!But to be on the safe side I gave this book an extra star. Just in case I have got it totally wrong and there is some genuinely curious teenage girl out there who doesn't have a brother, male friends or relatives. And for some reason do not own a television and has never watched a movie or read 17 magazine or Cosmo girl and really, truly (like with sparkly rainbows and unicorn wishes) wants to know "What are boys really like?"Because if that is the case this book would be perfect for them! Puke!