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Touch of Death (Touch of Death, #1) - Kelly Hashway I thought this book was going to be great, the idea behind it is so original. No one as far as I know has written anything about the mythology behind the thirteenth sign of the zodiac and almost all the reviews have been glowing. It’s starting to worry me how often I am wrong! And Good Lord, it was bad! Not in a badly written kind of way but that being said Hashways writing is by no means sophisticated or complex. She takes the simplest route from A to B with very little description. But what really got to me were the characters and the story line in general.Jodi our MC must be the densest creature alive. Please be warned I am throwing out a bit of a spoiler here- She basically has “magical bodily fluids of doom/destiny.” There’s a whole bunch of mythology and junk behind it but mostly *gag* But seriously, how many people/animals do you have to bleed/spit/cry on to realise that you are killing them/bringing them back to life! And how many times do you accidently bleed/drool/cry on people or animals?! Because it happens to Jodi a lot! It just makes no sense!But that is not the only unsettling and unrealistic thing about thing book. Her whole persona seems a little bazaar and unrealistic to me. And she never seems to react to situations like a normal person. A perfect example of this is her realization that she is attracted to her stalker (can you say clichéd) moments after her boyfriend has died! Where’s the obligatory shock and horror?!As for Alex he is another “dreamy” YA hero that is sighed over one too many times for my liking. But I found Jodi’s constant swooning a little hard to understand because his character came off as a bit strange and their romance was dull.This is yet another YA Paranormal that had a great premise but was poorly executed. The plot is thin and the characters are one dimensional. But a least I liked the cover...Is it just me or is it becoming increasingly difficult to find a truly good book within this genre?