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Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1) - Karina Halle First of all let me say I didn't dislike this book but I do feel like I have obviously missed something that the other reviewers were feeling because they all seem to love it. This book has all the makings of a very interesting read. A cool title, a con artist heroine, a sexy tattoo artist and drug lords and Mafioso’s liberally sprinkled around but I just had some trouble connecting. First of all I really didn't like Ellie. And the more the author tried to “justifying” the bad things she did because the terrible things that had happened to her in the past the more I wanted to shout “Get over it all ready!” I hated the way she treated Camden both as a teenager and as an adult and even though she does (slightly) redeem herself, I am just not that forgiving.My second problem is Camden. I loved how he was described as a teenager and the idea that he overcame his “awkwardness” and became a unique and sexy man. And yes he is described as physically attractive but somehow because of his actions he just left me cold and I didn't find him attractive at all. What really killed it for me was when he allowed himself to be verbally and physically abused by his homophobic father. Maybe I am being judgmental but I think a grown man should be able to stand up for himself. I also disliked his disregard for the fact that he was leaving his child with drug lords?!That being said there was some great action and some really exciting moments in this book. The writing was great, I liked the way the author seamlessly jumped from the past to the present. And I can certainly say that the story line is very unique and has a great cliff-hanger ending which will more than likely have me reading the second book.