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Never Seduce a Scot  - Maya Banks To be honest I didn’t realize Maya Banks wrote historical romance, I have read a couple of her erotic romances and never really enjoyed them but I am so happy I gave this book a chance. NEVER SEDUCE A SCOT is a sweet and sexy highland romance with a very unique heroine. Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery are from enemy clans and in an attempt to stop the fighting the King forces them to marry one another. Graeme has heard rumours that Eveline is “touched” in the head and while he is willing to marry his enemies daughter he has no intentions of making her his wife in truth. But soon after their wedding Graeme realises that Eveline is deaf and not crazy or stupid as he was led to believe. And attraction and love soon blossom.The relationship between Graeme and Eveline was incredibility sweet and romantic and I loved the way he stood up for her while she is struggling to gain acceptance into his clan. And while most of the book did revolve around their relationship, them getting to know one another and falling in love. There was still some excitement and action because of the tensions between their two clans.I must admit that in places this book was a bit predictable and I was a little disappointed that there were no Scottish brogues and while Graeme was very nice I do prefer my highland warriors a little more Alpha male-ish. But having said that, the story kept me thoroughly entertained and I found the characters incredibly endearing so I will definitely be reading the next book in this series.