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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
Never Too Far - Abbi Glines I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so to say that Never Too Far was a disappointment is a bit of an understatement! And by the end of the book I found myself wishing that Abbi Glines had just left me hanging and never bother writing this sequel at all. Sometimes it is better to imagine what could have happen to the characters that you loved then to find out they somehow turned into boring whiners.My first complaint is the plot. What little plot there is you can see coming a mile away and even the “shocking” reveal towards the end was just kind of meh... In truth the whole story revolved around a lack of communication and trust. And IMHO if the main characters had just sat down for 2 minutes and had a good honest talk the whole book would have been moot.But the worst part for me by far was how the characters changed. Rush went from being a sexy bad boy to totally pussy whipped and whimpering. And Blaire went from being a spunky independent girl to an indecisive pushover who is impressed when a guy buys her a bedroom set?! I just don’t get it!The one good thing I can say about this book is that the chemistry between Rush and Blaire is as steamy as ever. Unfortunately the author just had nothing new or interesting to add to their story.