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Dare You To - Katie McGarry I have to admit I was nervous when I first started reading this book. Any story that starts with the popular jock asking out the “freaky” girl from the wrong side of tracks because of a dare, makes me think I have stepped into a bad teen movie cliché. But thankfully (despite a few moments I will let slide) the author managed to steer away from that pit fall and stay original. The “freaky” girl had no desire to be popular and the jock had no interest in changing her. And best of all there was no gaming playing!Beth (who I assume we all know for the previous book) has led a tragic and troubled life. And because of this has created a tough and almost impenetrable exterior. Ryan in contrast is the golden boy with the seemingly perfect life and family, while in reality thing are not that great. I actually found Beth very relatable. (I know a lot of people would not agree.) I loved her loyalty, no matter how miss guided and the fact that she always stood her ground and was true to herself. And these are the exact same reasons why I often did not like Ryan. I just wanted him to grow up, grow a pair, stand up to his homophobic parents and make some decisive decisions about his life! Thankfully both characters did evolve throughout the book and Ryan does redeem himself, although he will never be my favorite romantic lead. This book is full of teenage and adult angst and deals with some serious issues. Yes I wish some of the characterizations weren't so stereotypical and there was a lot of judgementalness (is that a word?) going on in this book that really did rub me up the wrong way. I especially disliked Alison (Scott’s wife.) But despite having no great affection for the hero and occasionally being pissed off at numerous others cast members, as well as constantly feeling desperately sorry for Isaiah. I really did enjoy this book and had some serious trouble putting it down. This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.