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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
Vain - Fisher Amelie Sorry, I hate to go against the general consensus but I found this book very average. When I read the blup for this book I was really excited. I couldn’t wait for this super hot Alpha bitch to shake up my world. Unfortunately she was crying by page 6 and I realised I had been conned! Sophie PriceNow I realise that characters are supposed to have depth and dimension but come on! At least stick to your original synopsis for 1 chapter!What this book is really about is Sophie, a beautiful, spoiled but also painfully neglected socialite. That is sentenced to work in an orphanage in Africa after being arrested on drug charges.Then comes the next thing that annoyed me. Almost instantly, from the moment Sophie get off the plane in Africa she transforms into a whole new person. I’m no expert but in my experience people evolve gradually they don’t become new people because they meet a hot guy and a happy airport worker!I live in Africa and while I have never been to Uganda I have traveled fairly extensively, and aside from a description of a baobab tree the author doesn't mention the scenery or animals once (except for bugs.) It just seems strange to me to set a book in one of the most unique and beautiful environments in the world and then never really describe it!? One thing I did like about this book was the portrayal of the orphanage and the children.I loved that despite their sad circumstances they were full of hope, excited to learn and always smiling. Unfortunately I never really connected with any of the adult characters and I found the whole relationship between Sophie and Dingane rushed and a little disconnected. I also found this book predictable. Also the more I think about it the more I find it a little insensitive that the author used such are real and horrific setting in such a superficial way. The whole thing was just a set up for the romance!And lastly and this is going to sound really cynical but If hugging poor African orphans can miraculously fix vapid socialites then why hasn’t it worked on Paris Hilton?