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Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel I get it. Zombies are the next progression in sexy YA creatures. I can get past your boyfriend being pale and a little cold or being seriously hairy but decomposition?! Your boyfriends nose falling off while you are making out is not something you can get over!!Dearly,Departed is set in a post apocalyptic world where north america, Asian and it sounds like Europe (but I'm not sure) have all been destroyed. To survive the North Americans formed tribes and migrated to the equatorial regions of South America. After conquering the other tribes in a bloody civil war they set up a new civilization based on the golden age of the Victorian Era but with strong ties to modern day technology. I call BULLSHIT!I am sorry but lets be realistic. Asia is gone! That means there is no one left who knows how to build this technology and there are only 2 people left in America who even know how it works! And honestly I don't see that "Other Steve" from Apple giving Bill Gates a lift to safety on his SEGWAY when the world ends. Do these two seem like the kind of guys that will lead a tribe through a post apocalyptic war for survival? Not very likely!The most likely survivors? In my opinion, Rednecks! I watch TV. They have lots of guns stock piled, four wheeler and are not afraid to eat roadkill. My money is on them! But I am also betting that when they win the war they don't say "You know what we should base out society on? The Golden Age of Victorian Etiquette!" And why would any modern women let them? It's sexist!Anyway back to the book. So OK say you suspend belief and go with the world building- I do understand that the author was trying to be original and she does get points for that. There is still an issue with pacing. The first issue I suppose is a necessary one. Because there is such a vast world created there is a large amount of information dumped in the first part of the book which is quite daunting. Then as the book goes on the multiple POV get a little too much for me. Some people might like this but with 5 POV I found that just as I was starting to enjoy one characters narration it would change to another and the momentum would be lost.I must admit that this book did have it's moments of witty dialog and good story line but at the end of the day the I couldn't get past the setting and the zombie romance, no matter how hard the author tried to make it OK it was still just icky!