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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
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Crash (Crash, #1) - Nicole  Williams So the book started off OK-ish. I didn’t think the writing is particularly good but it was readable. But what I did hate or at least thought was absolutely ridiculous was the plot.So what’s this book about- Well as far as I can tell it is just your basic good girl meet bad boy romance, except they are both named after Beatles songs, Lucy and Jude, and the plot is so ludicrous I want to cry/laugh! I took an instant dislike at Lucy. She came across as conceited and cocky with no real means to back herself up. Jude seemed alright, although the picture of someone constantly in a ratty grey beanie is hardly my idea of sexy.As for the previously mentioned bad plot, it was so far fetch at one point I thought I was going to sprain something from rolling my eyes so often. First of all if 3 guys douse you in gasoline and try to set you on fire. That is attempted murder! Lucy the victim, her parent and the police hardly bat an eyelid WTF! And the only mention Lucy makes of her traumatic attack is to complain that she had to cut her hair! Talk about having your priorities wrong!Lucy then starts a new school where she is instantly branded a slut because she knows Jude. How everyone knows this I have no idea because the only public contact they had with one another was a short chat on the beach. Then his “friends” tried to kill her and he never called or saw her again.But Lucy instantly forgives Jude when he says hi to her. And why wouldn’t she he is the perfect guy. He’s lost count of how many times he has gone to juvie, he has lied to her, ignored her and he solves all his problems with violence.But to be honest, I was going to forgive that. Yes these characters are played out and unoriginal but I was going to give the author a chance. Unfortunately within one chapter of all this the class whore goes from being ridiculed to being Homecoming Queen and is made a cheerleader without even auditioning. And then feared and reviled, juvenile delinquent is made starting quarterback in the middle of the game. Despite the fact that he has never played before, tried out for the team or even met the coach! And to top that all off he is so good the NFL want to recruit him! And that’s when I realised I was not going to waste another minute of my time reading this book!DNF!!!!!