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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2)
Miranda Davis
Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen First let me just say that I am a huge fan of the Robin Hood Legend. As a kid I watched the Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman movie about 15 times more then most people would call healthy. So when I saw there was a book out that had a twist on the same old story – Will Scarlet is a girl in disguise!!! I was beyond excited. But then it turned out to be just so BAD!! Here’s why-Let me paint a picture of Scarlet for you - Imagine that chick from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon who can fly through trees and has other seemingly super human powers but with knives instead of swords. (Scarlet thinks swords suck!) Now make her a martyr (not in a good way) and give her a persecution complex topped off with an eating disorder. Oh and just to round it all off she is also a compulsive spitter with a tendency to brag. What a winner right?? (go girl power)I personally found very little to like about this girl. When she wasn’t doing acrobatics through the forest?? Or utilising her kick ass thieving skills (not as kick ass as the author/Scarlet would have us believe) she is either sulking or leading Robin and his merry men around by the cocks. In fact the story may as well have been changed to Scarlet and her merry men. Because the way this story portrayed it Scarlet was the one with all the plans, all the skills and the one that alwayssaves the day. In fact Robin was basically only there as eye candy and to be a pawn in Scarlet’s love triangle. Yes CRINGE there is a love triangle!!This book was written in the first person and I have to say that I have never read a more bizarre attempt at a British/colloquial/I just don’t know what accent. It was actually painful to read. And more importantly why was Scarlet the only person in the whole book with an accent?? From the lowliest peasant to the highest Lord everyone spoke perfect English. So what the hell??!! I think it took me twice as long to read this book then it should have, just because I was constantly trying to figure out what tense it was in! And I won’t even go into the author’s terrible habit of constantly stating the obvious! As for the plot, predictable is too mild a word. And on top of this the book is littered with historical inaccuracies. But perhaps worst of all, as I mentioned briefly before Robin Hood has been relegated to a bit part in his own story! I realise the book is called Scarlet but COME ON a line has to be drawn somewhere. The guy at least deserved a little dimension! But now that I think about it none of the other “supporting“ cast member had any dimension either....So in summation, there are lots of great Robin Hood stories out there but IMHO this is not one of them. This book doesn’t add anything new or interesting to the legend and I honestly wish I had just skipped it.