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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey In the beginning of this book the author likens Aliens and people to the smartest dog and the dumbest human. I am not really a dog person but this analogy seemed really ambiguous to me. Is the smartest dog smarter than the dumbest human? Or is the dumbest human smarter than the smartest dog? The author seems to think that this is obvious but I’m not so sure. There are dogs that can understand over 1000 words, they have jobs and are productive in society. (I googled it) And I’m sorry to say it but there are some really thick people out there!?After much contemplation (I gave way too much thought to one random sentence!) I decided that the Aliens in this book must be the really clever dogs. This works for me because, not only am I not a dog person, I am not an Alien person either. But I am a dystopia fan and after a good few years of read YA Dystopia I thought it might be a nice change of pace to see the world end in a different way for once. Which is why I ended up reading the much hyped about 5th Wave.So all that random rambling aside and despite my predisposition to dislike all things “Alien” I loved the first +/- 120 pages of this book. This is narrated by Cassie who is quirky and tough. She knows that no one can really be trusted and that the only way to survive in the aftermath of the Alien attacks is to stay alone. Unfortunately at this point the story moves on to being told by multiple narrators. And none of these other characters have any depth, dimension or likeability IMO and it is all downhill from there.Then the author introduces the “love story.” I personally am all for a little romance in my fiction but this was the most heavy handed, bordering on bizarre attempt at romance I have ever read. I kept waiting for Cassie to say “Just kidding.” And run away screaming. Just because a book says Young Adult on the cover that doesn’t mean the author is obliged to include romance and a love triangle! Or is there a clause in all authors’ contracts now days?What I did like about this book was that it was far less predictable then I thought it was going to be. But unfortunately when you start a book with the premise that- “ you can trust no one.” Then no matter how interesting the twists and turns in your plot are, they are never really going to shock the reader because they have been warned from the very beginning. So any development in the plot that the reader hasn’t already guessed loses its “wow” factor.Now I would like to discuss the believability of the plot. Most importantly being why would the Aliens kill off humans in waves? Why not just rip off the Band Aide and exterminate us in one foul swoop? Secondly why child soldiers? Seriously? Why kill all the adults and then give 5 year olds guns, that makes no sense what so ever! But mostly and I might be wrong here because as I said I am no Science Fiction buff but surely Aliens would have better technology then these ones do? Drones, Bird flu, Tsunamis and implanted micro chips?? These hardly seem like the evil plans hatched up by vastly superior beings with other worldly technology. They sound more like disaster movies from 2007. And hell Barack Obama might have a Drone flying over your house right now! Sure he’s a really smart guy but I’m pretty sure he’s not an Alien!Which has me asking- Is the smartest dog smarter than the dumbest human?Or is this book just mildly entertaining but ultimately deeply flawed? The only answer I really have is this- Don’t Believe all the hype. This book is NO Hunger Games!!