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The End of Mr. Y

The End of Mr. Y - Scarlett Thomas Have you ever been at a party and been cornered by that special breed of person who thinks they are the best read, most highly evolved intellect on the plant and their one goal in life is to convince you and anyone else who will listen of this (in their mind) indisputable fact. This book is the literary equivalent of that party goer. Cue the incessant and often needless name dropping. Any interesting thoughts or ideas on theoretical physics and philosophy are drowned out by the authors constant waffle and to be honest those were my favourite parts of the book, because lets face facts here her plot is slightly juvenile- Being John Malkovich meets The Far Away Tree? And her main character is unlikeable, cold and unengaging and desperately trying to be cool and sadly failing. She is also clearly mentally impair as she is supposed to be studying for a PHD in literature yet takes a whole weekend of constant reading to finish a book less then 200 pages long. Either that or the book is as boring as its namesake :-D This books one redeeming feature- It eventually comes to an end.