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Starling - Lesley Livingston 1.5 StarsMason Starling is a champion fencer. One night while in the middle of practice, a terrible storm rips through her swanky New York school. With the storm comes some apocalyptic killer zombie and a naked sword wielding blonde worrier, The Fennrys Wolf. Who also happens to have a bad case of amnesia. This book revolves around Norse mythology and prophecies for the end of the world and somehow Mason is caught in the middle of it all.That sounds awesome right?WELL DON’T BE FOOLED!!!The opening sequence of this book is action packed. The raging storm, the sword fighting, the killer zombie attack and the arrival of our mysterious hero are all very exciting. Unfortunately by chapter five all we are left with is a confused heroine and an amnesiac hero, both wondering around New York City with no idea what is going on. While the author takes the opportunity to information dump. Endlessly!I love a book with great characters, the more you feel like you know a character the more you care what happens to them and that in my opinion is what makes a book great. This book has no character development at all, in fact I kept forgetting the heroines name! And as for The Fennrys Wolf, he was so one dimensional I couldn’t get past picturing his as He Man from Masters of the Universe. Not cool!The secondary characters were also very under written. A character that is mentioned once or twice 200 pages ago is all of a sudden a crucial element to the plot- saving the day, being the villain etc. I had forgotten these people had even existed!And speaking of the plot, my god it was slow! Sure they fought a couple of weird creatures every now and then but nothing actually happened. The story never moved forward. Until miraculously about 30 pages from the end of the book things actually start happening! And then the final insult, after 352 pages of nothing, just when the book gets going the authors ends it on a cliff hanger! Seriously?! This get 3/10 from me.