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The Price of Pleasure

The Price of Pleasure - Kresley Cole I've been devouring Kresley Cole’s Paranormal Romance Series for a while now so was very exited to get my hands on this book being a big fan of historical romance. The book started of well, shipwrecks, pursuit and trickery etc. but unfortunately somewhere along the way it just fizzled. I think either from a lack of story line or not enough spark between the characters. I have a theory that with romance novels you can literally have no story line at all but if the dialogue is witty, sassy and sexy enough you can still have a great book. Unfortunately for the better part of this novel the main characters barely speak to one another and there is very little story line or intrigue to make up for this lack of connection. But please don’t get me wrong this wasn’t a bad book by any mean. But I had expected a lot more from an author who usually writes such engaging characters.