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My Heart Be Damned (Damned, #1)

My Heart Be Damned (Damned, #1) - C. Gray This is the first YA Paranormal book that I have really liked in months! In a genre that has become so formulaic, I found this book to be a breath of fresh air. Amerie is a Hunter born to slay the Damned who rise up from hell and posses the bodies of the living. But when her mother and mentor is killed and her whole life starts to crumble, she tries to escape her destiny. Amerie is a very interesting character, sure she has super human strength and fighting abilities and can kick every ones ass. But she is also a 17 year old girl whose mother has died and is dealing with family drama and the author deals with this aspect of her life in a very realistic way. I also liked that the book was set on the out skirts of London, as opposed to some generic YA setting we have all read a thousand times before. This author has written a great cast of characters, even the peripheral one’s are fun to read. But my favorite part of the book, besides the twist at the end that has made me desperate to read the next one, is Marshall the “hero.” I LOVE that he is not the sullen broody type. He is sexy and flirtatious and a tease. At last a YA love interest that doesn’t take himself too seriously!