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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan This is basically a hand book for irresponsibility, infidelity, abusive relationships, violence and even bad parenting. I shouldn’t have liked it but I absolutely LOVED it!This story is about Eva Fox, she was born and raised in a motorcycle club and Deuce the up and coming “Prez” of a rival club. They first meet when she is 5 and he is 23 and they are both visiting their fathers in prison. But there is SO much more to their story then that...This book grabs you by the throat from the very first page and does not let go. It is emotional and raw and sometimes deeply toxic and if I am being honest even repulsive at times. But I couldn’t have put it down if I had wanted to! And by the end I was an absolute emotional wreck!It all just got a little too intense! There are so many things that I usually hate in this book. But somehow I managed to over look them. I can’t stand cheating and (at times) the 18 year age gap should have been off putting. I also really wish I had been more outraged at how terribly women are treated in this book, because they really are! But in all honesty it just added another layer to this awesome mind fuck of a book.It also doesn’t help that this is the picture of Deuce I had in my mind. YUM!!