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Collide (Collide, #1)

Collide (Collide, #1) - Gail McHugh Actual Rating: 1/2 a STARI don’t think I have ever used the word hate with regards to a book before. This will be my first time. I hated Collide! It actual put me off reading for 2 weeks! (That’s like 2 years in a normal reader’s life!) No this book wasn’t badly written but I have never, ever in my life met a cast of characters so horrible! I wish I could go back in time and unread this book. I really like this genre, I love an angst ridden romance probably more than most. But I actually find it unfathomable that people enjoyed reading this.Emily is the weakest person imaginable and so spineless you wonder how she stands up straight. She is constantly being manipulated by the men in her life. Her boyfriend Dillon apparently was once nice to her (we never see this) and she now feel obligated to him forever. He constantly cheats on her and treats her like she is nothing more then an accessory. Oh and to top off all his other "lovely" qualities he rapes her! Emily, strong independent women that she is keeps forgiving the ass for everything and constantly goes crawling back to him!The second love interest in this book is Gavin. He is supposed to be the swoon worthy hero. But unfortunately he comes across and a little too “emotionally in touch.” And although he is without a doubt the least detestable character in this book I did notice a disturbing trend. Every time he made a move on Emily is was when she was emotionally vulnerable. Moments after she caught her boyfriend cheating, 2 minutes after a breakup etc. I also hated Emily’s best friend Olivia she is constantly making snide remarks about Dillon. She has known him for years and knows he is not a good guy. I’m sorry but if your best friend is in a relationship with an abusive person and you are worried about them you don’t make joking remarks every 5 minutes. You sit them down and tell them you are worried about them and get them help! What the Fuck!But most of all and I have to repeat this, I hate Emily. She sees one guy cheat on her so she runs to the other guy. Guy number one explains himself (barely)so she goes back to him. Then she decides guy number one treats her badly and she actually wants guy number two. But then she thinks guy number two cheated on her so she runs back to guy number one! If both your boyfriends seem like assholes maybe you should just be single????? It’s allowed! It’s like this poor girl thinks she will die if she is not dating at least one of these men!Ladies should we be worried that this is the kind of thing we find romantic?