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Crash - Lisa McMann Is there anything more disappointing then the CRASHING mediocrity of a book that you were genuinely excited about?!This is the book version of a movie where you see all the good parts in the trailer. The back cover sounds great and then the story is just MEH...So the basic premise of this book is that Jules is constantly seeing visions of a huge "crash." And one of the victims is the guy she likes, who also happens to be the son of her families "arch nemesis"/rival pizza restaurant owners. Actually now that I see it written in black and white I am a little surprised at my original enthusiasm. I mean really? The Romeo and Juliet of pizza dough and pepperoni? It's just not as exciting as it sounds.I must say the Crash/Vision part of the books was described in a very unique way and at first was very interesting but after you have read 75% of a book and nothing has actually happened you stop caring how creatively the author is describing the vision and start praying it WILL JUST HAPPEN ALREADY!! Talk about slow. And the romance has the same problem. 90% of it is the pining unrequited kind which is, let face it, really boring.And my final compliant.(I promise.)The MC Jules, constantly keeps substituting the word God for dog.As in "Oh my dog! I can't believe this book was written by the same author that wrote the very awesome Wake Series!" Lame!