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Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood - Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Catherine Hardwicke, David Leslie Johnson So I like everyone else saw the trailer and thought I would give the book a whirl before watching the movie. I wish I hadn't because hopefully the movie is going to be as good as it looks and the book just falls so flat and has left me feeling a little deflated- Here's why. The characters are one dimensional, the writing is very lack luster and hard to follow. At times I lost track of how people got to places, why they were there etc. And there was just no chemistry between the characters! But my biggest complaint of all is the language used in conversations, admittedly there is no real way of knowing what year this book is set in but one must assume it is a period "piece" otherwise surly the sexy woodcutter would be wielding a chain saw instead of an axe? This does not however stop the author from having the characters use phrases like "come on you guys" and "I've got a crush on him" but then again maybe I have it all wrong and the book is actually set in a dystopian society where things like the chain saw, electricity and the combine harvester were never invented, yet modern day jargon and werewolves are rife. Either way the movie can only be bettter then the book. (Fingers Crossed)