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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - I had a sneaking suspicion that I might hate this book and when I found out it was set in a secret high school for teenagers with special abilities. (Like the movie Sky High lol!) I was thinking “Oh crap! Abort, abort!!”I don’t think I have really enjoy a paranormal book set in high school since Vampire Academy and I must admit I was expecting this book to be something more along the lines of The Time Travellers Wife. But this book is nothing like anything I have read before. WOW!Addie lives in a secret community (and goes to a secret high school) where everyone has special abilities. Her ability is to see the different outcomes/futures of the choices she makes. When her parents decide to get divorced Addie must make the choice of staying with her mom in the paranormal compound or going with her dad to live in the “normal” world. This leads Addie using her ability to see which choice is best...The chapters of this book alternate from one potential path/reality to another and you might think that this would be confusing but Holy Hell! it was well written! In each version of Addie’s “reality” she has different friends, a different love interest and different issues that make her character grow and evolve. But the author also managed to interweave the two stories in a very clever and sometimes subtle way that I thought was quite brilliant.There is a running mystery throughout this book and I really don’t want to go much further into plots or characters and their abilities because I feel like the smallest detail might be a spoiler and I really do hope that you all read this book.I started reading this book thinking I would read a few chapters and give up if it got too terrible, I wasn't even concentrating properly. (I was watching Batman Begins and read and the same time.)But the next thing I knew it was 3am my TV was on mute and I had devour this book! My prejudice against YA Paranormals almost stopped me from reading this and that would have been really sad because it is one of the few really original books I have read in this genre for years!Is this book perfect? Not quite, but it is one hell of a debut!!P.S For those of you who don’t remember Sky High, this guy was the only memorable thing about it :)