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Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved Series #2)

Darkness Falls - Cate Tiernan 4.5 StarsThis is the second book in the Immortal Beloved Trilogy and I thought it was even better then the first.I am surprised more people aren't following this series because it is really very good and the premise is also quite unique. The story revolves around Nastasya a 450 year old Immortal party girl. She has fallen in with a "bad crowd" for the past 100 years or so and her life has slowly turned from frivolous to truly evil. This leads Nastasya to a "rehab" for Immortals gone bad. But the more Nastasya tries to be a good person, the more her past comes back to haunt her.It is hard to classify this book into a particular genre. It is definitely paranormal and there is some romance but it is not the main focus of the book. And I know that the plot sounds a little flighty but Darkness Falls and Immortal Beloved, its predecessor have a lot more substance then you might think.What I liked most about this book and the series so far are the characters. They are very real. Well as real as immortals that are 100's of years old can be. They have flaws and sometime have done truly terrible things in the past but somehow they are still likable and relatable in their search for redemption.This is one of those books that is not action packed every minute but the plot is continuously good and the story is always interesting. I started reading and the next time I looked up I was three quarters of the way done! Time really does fly when you are having fun!