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Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove - Brian McGreevy I've marked this as To-Read but now that I am half way through the Netflix Series (based on the book) I am having second thoughts.It's been 7 episodes and there has yet to be any sign of a coherent story line. The plot just sort of fumbles along. Randomly (and sparsely) dropping information about different characters around. And some of these character seem to have no purpose in the story at all. And just when you think something awesome is going to happen the "video" seems to skip and you are left wonder what happened and why the hell they left out half the story!You are probably wondering why I am bitching about a TV show on goodreads. But I do have a reason. You see the author also wrote the Screen Play so I have an inkling that the book might have similar problems. But I might be wrong because the general rule of thumb is that the book is usual better then the movie/show. Usually...