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Fire  - Kristin Cashore 4.5 StarsRate The Read: EnthrallingPlot in 2 sentences or less:In a land where strange and beautiful monsters with the ability to control minds roam, Fire is the last of the Human Monsters. But with War on the horizon and a strange boy with two coloured eyes meddling, will Fire use her mesmerizing power to help the king or will she succumb to the temptation to manipulate those around her.What’s right with it:Kristen Cashore is a great writer, her characters are compelling and her story lines are engrossing. This book is supposed to be a sequel to Graceling but is actually a prequel (kind of) as we learn a little bit more about one of the character’s from the previous book’s childhood.The great thing about this book and the one before it, is that although it is billed as fantasy it is not the usual high fantasy B.S that spends the first 300 pages of the book describing the landscape. (Snore!) This book is just an unusual tale that is very well written. The author doesn’t need pompous waffling to make this book good.What’s wrong with it:The story line is slightly less compelling than the first book.(But not very.)There is also a quote on the cover that compare’s the book to Twilight which is great if it gets more people to read the book but honestly the books are VERY different.Favourite Moment/Quote: When it is revealed how Fires father died. Who I recommend it to:Everyone, although some fantasy fans might not like the departure from the usual long-windedness.Would I follow the Author/Series: Yes!If you like this you might like: Honestly this book is quite unique to anything I have read before.