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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington On her 17th birthday Violet finds out that she is part angel and she must decide if she is going to join the fight between good and evil...Is it just me or is everybody finding out a secret about themselves or turning into something strange for their 17th birthday now days? When I turned 17 I just got presents and a cake. There have been so many Angel book around in the last couple of years. And although some have been entertaining very few of them have had anything very original to say on the subject. This book is no exception. This is a very quick and easy read but because of this you never feel like you get to know any of the characters, so I never really had any strong feelings for them. It also doesn't help that there is (eye roll) a love triangle. And I didn't feel like I knew enough about either of the guys involved to become emotionally invested in Violets decision between the two of them. As for Violet the only real feelings I had for her were frustration, she is painfully naive, easily manipulated and often just blindly stupid!Another huge problem with this book is the plot. At the end of the book the author pulls out, what I am sure in her mind is a huge plot twist. Unfortunately she is no M. Night Shyamalan (think The Sixth Sense) because anybody with two brain cells saw is coming 200 pages ago. Honestly, if it’s a good book about angels that you are looking for then you should skip this book altogether and read Angelfall by Susan Ee.