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Painted Faces

Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway I’m always complaining that all the books I read are so unoriginal. So when I heard what this one was about I knew I was in for something different.When was the last time you read a contemporary romance in which the hero is a cross dressing cabaret performer?? In my experience they are always powerful business men or sports heroes. Lately for some reason they all seem to be cage fighters. Maybe transvestites will become the next big trend in sexy male professions!First of all let me start off with what I liked about this book, aside from the originality. Nicholas our drag queen dream boat is actually a fantastic character. Yes he spends half the book dressed as a woman (but that’s just for work, mostly...) but the author does a really good job of making him into a manly and flirtatious character that is very obviously heterosexual. This character could have gone very wrong very fast but he actually turned out to be, well...fabulous....Where the book let its self down in my opinion was Freda, the MC and narrator. She is supposed to be a chubby and funny “every girl” but I often found her unlikable. Although she has no problems with Nicholas, she came across as judgmental towards her friends and just plain uptight at times. To be honest I actually have no idea why she is friends with her roommate Nora, she never had a nice word to say about her. She also came off as the type of person that never really makes proactive decisions but just lets life happen to them. So frustrating!Then we come to the plot. Some plot points are severely underdeveloped and just sort of fizzle into nothing. Other parts of the book had me scratching my head wondering why the author added them in at all. But essentially this books plot is just like every other contemporary romance I have read lately; the only difference is the hero’s unusual profession. So all in all this was an interesting idea, unfortunately the execution was just a bit meh...