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Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Ignore this whole review! A year after reading it I can't remember a single thing about this book! Nothing!!! It is absolutely forgettable!!Rate The Read: An unusual book but a great read none the less.Plot in 2 sentences or less:Set in a dying world run by a corrupt army, Juliette has spent the last 3 years being tested and locked away. Her entire life has been spent without human contact because when Juliette touches people bad things happen. Now Juliette is faced with a choice, become a monster or fight for her freedom…What’s right with it:Juliette is a fascinating character unlike any other YA character I’ve ever read which is unusual in a genre that likes its cookie cutter heroines. The author uses a unique and interesting writing style to convey the quirks of Juliette’s mind.I like that although this book is technically dystopian the “alternate” history is very close to the reality of our world ie. we are slowly causing the extinction of our planet with pollution etc.What’s wrong with it:Because of the nature of the book there is sometimes a slight lack of contact between Juliette and her love interest. Because Juliette is so isolated a lot of the book is more thoughtful than conversational.Favourite moment/quote:When Juliette see’s Adams Tatoo for the first time.Who I recommend it to:Slightly more mature fans of Dystopian YA but this novel would be a great introduction to the genre if you haven’t read it before.Would I follow the Author/Series: YesIf you like this you might like: Delirium or Matched