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Beautiful Disaster (The Bet, #1)

Beautiful Disaster (The Bet, #1) - Francette Phal WOW this book is hard to review or even really to rate. This is because it is the literary equivalent of watching a train wreck in slow motion. Except there is some masochistic part of you (well of me anyway) that is enjoying every moment! Seriously. It was just one mind fuck after another but no matter how twisted it got there was NO WAY I was putting it down!Nicholas or Nicky (HATED! the nick name) the "hero" is without a doubt one of the most unlikable characters I have ever read. Thankfully Ellie, despite her truly disturbing past, is a strong and compassionate heroin. And without her this book would have had very few characters in it who weren't complete and utter bastards! I don't really want to go into the plot because I feel like anything I say would be a spoiler but lets just say it is incredibly fast paced and you can never predict where it will go next! Although I thought this book was fundamentally well written I do think the editing left much to be desired. And I also had some serious trouble believing that these characters were high school students. I think the whole premise of the book and the maturity of the characters would have been a lot more believable had they been in college.But all in all if you have the stomach for a roller coaster ride and you like an emotional and angsty love story then give this book a try. I really liked it. I think....